If your advertising was a song, what would it sound like?
What musical statement would "reflect" your message?

Through the Digital Production services that Albi offers that question is answered, and the results are celebrated!

Our company gets your message onto radio to a Captive Audience! exactly how you want it!

Some advantages of dealing with Albi for your digital needs are:

  • Custom made advertisements with a soundtrack that becomes your audio logo.
  • Radio advertising that gives your company a voice in the market instead of just a business card!
  • Quick turnover to get your completed advert on air, through relationships with the top radio stations and networks with inside knowledge to strengthen your on air campaign...
  • Easy conversion to internet radio which is exploding in popularity!
  • You are given all licenses and all royalties are written in your name. The more your ad plays, the more money you make, exponentially, on top of income from actual inquisitive and informed clients.
  • A potentially free advertising campaign through tax credits...
  • Musical insight with an artist that has international released albums, and has widely recognised projects. Albi brings his insight and experience to your project with a work ethic and professional service he puts his name on...

Theres a radio in every car on earth
 and people DO listen!
Let's make that your Billboard!

Please refer to the first track as a demo reel of instrumental capabilities, your track however will be custom suited to you.